So You Want to Sell Real-Estate. "You've Got to Talk with Someone"

You've to talk with someone
It’s not like you have to send a telegram to communicate these days.


So You Want to Sell Real-Estate.

A seven blog series to quick start your business

Blog 5 “You’ve Got to Talk with Someone”….

By Rick Guthrie

So far we’ve covered; 1. Is a career in Real estate for you? 2. Your first step which is developing a book of business or a database  3. Then establishing your farm area. 4. Knowing your product.

Now we’re discussing Lead Generation. “Yep, you got to TALK WITH SOMEONE”.

Lead Generation
Process of collecting names and contact information about qualified prospects which will be contacted by the salespeople for generating orders. …

I think it’s important to note that lead generation for the most part is a contact sport. You have to talk with someone. In earlier blogs we’ve discussed your database which includes you farm area. For simple math, based on the MREA model , let’s say you have a database of 5 core advocates, 50 advocates, 100 Allied Resources, 145 Targeted Mets and 200 Targeted Not Mets. That’s 500 contacts with different levels of what I call relative motivation. In other words, your relationship with them determines the higher level of motivation they have in helping you. Your family for instance would probably recommend you to everyone. They would probably be in your core advocate category. For a drill this week why not try something for giggles and grins and lead generate several of these groups.

My three no brainer lead generation techniques really never change. The message, the delivery and the content might, but the recipe so to speak doesn’t.

  1. Come from an attitude of curiosity
  2. Make an offer
  3. Solicit a response.

So we need inventory or seller listings…. what would your message be today?

Maybe this; “Hey Mr. Baker It’s Rick Guthrie, you know I’m running out of homes to sell do you know anyone that needs to sell their home? I’m offering a free detailed market analysis.

Try scripting something this week that uses this formula and “TALK WITH SOMONE”

I’ve been hearing a lot of my agents saying that they have buyers that are looking for a specific subdivision but there’s limited listings. They need the “Specific Person” approach.

This lends itself to an incredible opportunity. One of my mentors, when I first got started in this business, was gentleman out of Colorado Springs named Jim Skadden. Jim had told me about a family that needed a certain subdivision because their daughter had to be close to a specific bus stop due to her special needs. He knocked doors in that subdivision and explained that he had a buyer that needed a home in that subdivision and why. Of course you know the end of that story. Jim was able to find someone willing to sell. They sold because of the special needs girl. Jim called this the specific person approach. I’ve used that approach over the years when it applied with terrific results. So if you have a family with a need and no home to buy, door knock and explain that need. Look at the touches you could make over a weekend. People are willing to help when given the opportunity. But you have to “TALK WITH SOMEONE”.

Another example.

My first half year in business I was up for a cooperate award that most first year agents didn’t get. It was the 1st of November and I was complaining to the owner of the company that if I would have closed only 5 more sides before the end of the year I would have gotten the award. (Did you notice all of that statement was past tense?) After my ramble, he said “Why are you telling me this.” Taken back, I told him I thought he’d want to know. He said, “It seems to me you would want to tell your past clients how close to your award you are and see if they could help you with referrals”. Needless to say that was a big ah ha moment for me. I called everyone and exceeded my award requirements by 2 transactions. Oh yeah…. to do that I had to “TALK WITH SOMEONE”.

So the morale of the blog is that you need to lead generate and “TALK WITH SOMONE”.
My definition of a sale is an “Emotional decision based on Conflict” So go stir up some conflict.

Blog you later