So You Want to Sell Real-Estate. "The Listing It's Easy as A.B.C."

Sell real EstateSo You Want to Sell Real-Estate.

A seven blog series to quick start your business

Blog 6 “The Listing It’s as easy as A.B.C.” By Rick Guthrie

So far we’ve covered; 1. Is a career in Real estate for you? 2. Your first step which is developing a book of business or a database 3. Then establishing your farm area. 4. Knowing your product5. You’ve got to talk with someone.

So everyone has heard the saying. “You have to list to last” in this business. After 15 years in real-estate I’m in whole hearted agreement. As a Matter of fact I’m going to say this, “You have to list to live or work for someone who does.”
I see agents buying up zip codes to get seller leads through Trulia and Zillow or maybe something similar. I’ve heard several agents and brokers outraged because they’re having a hard time competing against these larger organizations with all the dollars. So several are taking on the attitude “If I can’t beat ‘em join ‘em.” and I think that’s a personal decision which is fine. Now I’m not going to use this blog to state my opinion on the importance of always watching your local boards and who you’re allowing to buy your clients away from you, maybe another time. The fact is, the big players are pouring in lots of dollars to get top page placement and I really can’t see that going away. So you can’t beat them…… their game. Their game is broad, yours should be narrow. Their game is expensive, yours should be cheap. Their game is not about personal touch, yours should be nothing but personal touch. So I hope we agree, that in your mind, this will be as big or as small of an issue that you want to make it.

When I was new in the business I was getting a tremendous amount of competing listing appointments through a third party relocation company. I can see on the horizon that happening for a lot of you that rely on a third parties for your listing leads. Now if you don’t want to compete for that listing go back to the number 2 blog in this series. The facts are irrefutable. If you stay in front of your database you will not need to pay $40 -$70 dollars for a “maybe” lead. But let’s say you are finding yourself more and more in a situation where you’re competing for that listing. Or maybe you’re new and you’re competing for everything because your database isn’t hitting on all cylinders yet.

Years ago I realized that sellers prefer to hear information in a certain order. If you ask yourself what would be the first thing a seller would want to hear? Well the answer of course is what their home is worth. Enter my A.B.C. listing.

The first section is the “A” section or “Agreement on Price”. I’ve found that if you’re talking about anything else first, at your listing appointment, the sellers are not really listening. So if I’m giving them my marketing plan first and they’re wondering what their home is worth at that point my information on my marketing plan is not really getting through. So in my “A” section I’m explaining in detail the pricing on their home backed up with comparable properties and illustrating why the market will bear that particular pricing strategy. Once I’ve done that I get their agreement before I move on. Once I get an agreement on price then I move to my “B” section.

The “B” section is for “Build Value”. This should define your marketing plan, your open house schedule or whatever you do to bring them a buyer. Understand that when you get an agreement on price a clock starts ticking. They’re wondering how much they’re going to put back in their pocket after they close. So move through this section quickly but still make it impressive and informative. If you do a pre-listing packet and drop it off it should be this Build Value Section or your Marketing Plan. When you get to this point in the conversation ask them if they’ve reviewed your marketing plan and do they have any questions. Then move on.

The “C” section quite simply is the Close. All this is for me is a customer estimated net sheet already filled out. Now I have a self-figuring net sheet and I know many do. It should be easy to explain and be padded with estimated buyer costs paid by seller. We want to show them worst case scenario what they’re going to be putting back in their pocket after a successful close. After that is my closing question and here it is.

“Mr. and Mrs. Seller do you have any questions? No…. Great! When can I get your house in inventory?

If there’s any concerns they will come out then. I like to get all of the concerns or objections out on the table at the same time. One you should not hear is a pricing concern because we agreed on price 15 minute ago. Hmm you feeling the love.

I have a pre-made template and I teach this in a two day seminar so agents know it inside and out. The presentation is kind of plug and play.

This is my way but not the only way to list. I’ve seen a tremendous amount of conversions from new agents with this program. There’s a lot of you out there saying, “I have a one page script and that’s all I need because I’m just that good”. That’s nice….

Blog you soon.