Choose Not to Participate

Choose Not To Participate

By: Rick Guthrie

You must be thinking why would I choose NOT to participate? Fairfax County Virginia has tons of social events and organizations to help you get your business name out there but, do you really think that is the best use of your time to increase your business? With the Real estate market in Fairfax County Virginia, there will always be peaks and valleys or ups and downs in your business.

By going to professional meet ups and joining a few organizations around town some people will maybe decide to use you to help them sell their home or buy a new one down the road.  I think you should take a look at where your leads are coming from.  Many agents are finding that by participating in local organizations that they aren’t really getting as many leads as they thought they would and that their time could be better spend in other areas of their lead generation to find leads. I’m not saying to stop coaching to your child’s sport team or volunteering at their school events, just cut back on participating in things that you joined thinking they may  bringing in the some great leads.

Concentrate on your book of business and keep a pipeline of leads full. Then you’ll always have business and will not have to participate in the ups and downs of the market. Your business will be constant. By focusing more on your business database, triangulating and not participating in time consuming activities, and events that have little to no benefit to your business, you will be controlling your business not the market.



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