Well It's About Time-Time Your Management

Well it’s About Time – Time your management

By:  Rick Guthrie

We’re back on my blog series “Plane, Space and Time”. Thanks for reading.

Finally we’re starting to wake up and realize that this whole idea of time management is skewed. The question is how do we manage our time better? Well let’s think about that and then re-boot. Everyone is saying the statement of “time management” is incorrect because you can’t manage your time. I guess it’s about how literal your perspective is. To me, if we’re bent out of shape about the statement, “Time Management”, we’ve just wasted time on semantics. But hey, I’ll play. The definitions of time;

it's about timeAs a Noun:
The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole. (Yep we really can’t change this one)

As a Verb:
Plan, schedule, or arrange when (something) should happen or be done. (Now we’re talkin’)

So let’s say for argument we’re using the word “time” as a verb. So let’s manage how we plan schedule or arrange.

I suppose everyone does this different. My way has been a trial and error until I found others who have mastered this. I believe that developing a plan or a schedule is a learned skill. I heard John Maxwell explain in a seminar once, that he liked to plan his day the night before and have one important item that he was supposed to accomplish the next day. Then if he accomplished that one item before 11:30 his day was a success and everything else was gravy. When I adopted that attitude everything changed for me. So over the next few blogs I would like to strategize on how to time your management. See what I did there with that whole noun verb thing?

So let’s pick an activity that we could time (…verb). One that, if we timed it right, we could be more productive, make money or have more time (….noun) to ourselves. Well as real-estate professionals that points to lead generation. Right? So for the next few blogs in the remainder of the series it’s about timing your lead gen.

To start out for now, do a little house cleaning for me. In your space, remove distractions. Here are some common distractions that effect how you time your management.

  • Interruptions
  • Web/Email
  • Cell phones (Voice mail, Texts)
  • Crisis from team members or staff
  • Home office (family interruptions, distractions and so on)
  • Not being able to just say no

I’m sure you have more. If you have constant distractions, it will effect the timing of your lead generation. You really need to look at your diet, sleep and exercise too. They take a toll on your ability to time yourself.

So house clean today and I’ll share more later on the planning. It’s about knowing, having and doing. You’ll love what coming next…… it’s too easy!!!