Well it's About Time-The FOCUS Triangle

Well it’s About Time – The FOCUS Triangle

By: Rick Guthrie

We’re back on my blog series “Plane, Space and Time”. Thanks for reading.

I want to continue with the blog, “Well it’s about time”. Last time we ended with the understanding that we would be discussing more on planning. Remember I wrote, “It’s all about knowing, having and doing”? Let’s expand on that with this great tool. This is too cool!

I would like to give credit where credit is due, but honestly I can’t remember who to give it to. All I know is this tool has morphed into something I got from someone. I’m guessing either Gary Keller and or John Maxwell or a combination of both. That said, I use it all the time. I call it the “Focus Triangle”.

When you have your “One Thing” that you need to accomplish, this is a great planning tool and crazy/simple to use. FOCUS triangle   Basically just draw a large triangle on a sheet of paper. In the middle of the triangle write in  what you need to accomplish. On the left side of the triangle write the word KNOW, on the  right side the word HAVE and on the bottom the word DO! Then draw four lines beside  each word and number those lines 1-4. Now as you can see, I have made one up and saved it  so I can grab it off of the computer any time I need it. If you want one, just email me at  www.rickguthrie@kw.com and I’ll get you one. So let’s put together a quick plan for our  Focus Triangle.

Let’s say you wanted to drop expired listing packets tomorrow, it may look like this;


What do I need to KNOW?
1. The Newly expired listings from the MLS
2. If they have been re-listed with another Realtor®
3. Quick stats on the property and area
4. Owner Information and if the property is vacant, the owners phone number

What do I need to HAVE?
1. The proper number of expired packets
2. A practiced great expired script
3. Routes and maps to the various expired occupied homes
4. A full tank of gas

What do I need to do?
1. Get up early
2. Door knock those expired listings on the way to the office
3. If no one is home, leave the packet. (I like to roll it up and put it in the garage door
4. Follow up with a phone call and put them on a daily 8X8.

There you made an easy quick plan. Now all you have to do is follow the plan. You’re saying to yourself, “That sounds too easy”…… It is!

You can use this for any type of lead generation, marketing planning or just doing the Saturday yard work. When I have a lot I think I have to do, I use this and I start doing the things I need to and should be doing. There is a difference. Again, I would prepare your Focus Triangle the night before so you’re ready to go the next day. Believe me you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished tons!

Blog ya’ soon