Watch Out for Real Estate Traffic

Watch Out for Real Estate Traffic

By: Rick Guthrie

We as real estate agents need to watch out for real estate traffic as we head into the fall, which is when the real estate industry starts to slow down.  We need to be constantly researching the real estate market as the number of houses that are being listed and sold change. Agents need to be reporting to our sellers to keep them educated about the market and where it is heading.

A good agent is watching the housing market, a great agent is educating their clients about the market as it does change.  So, if a house isn’t selling it is most likely over priced.  As the market slows that would be the best time to be taking a look at other houses in the area that are on the market or have recently sold.

After doing your research, re-educating your seller about what their house should be listed at is a way of keeping your clients knowledgeable, about the industry.  Not only should you be contacting your sellers when the market is changing but you should also be following up with them about once a week.  You should be letting the sellers know about the feedback you are receiving from other agents about their home.  If people aren’t calling to see the house then that should be a big indicator that the house isn’t listed for the appropriate price to bring buyers in to make an offer.  Make pricing your focus this week!

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