Real Estate and the Millennials-What do they want?

Real Estate and the Millennials- What do they want?
By Rick Guthrie

Thanks for returning back to my blog on Real Estate and the Millennials. Today it’s about, what do they want?

Millennials What do they want?We determined, in our blog how will they find us, millennials will find us the old fashioned way. Most of the time by word of mouth. This certainly holds true to the first time home buyer. They want a trustworthy professional who has been recommended to them. Also, in our last blog, we stated that millennials are looking for value plus opportunity in the work place. They want to do a good job, get paid for it then go home and enjoy life. Hey nothing’s wrong with that. It seems like all of the data and information supports these statements.

In this blog I want to look at what is important to millennials across the board. In short what do they want? I’ve been talking with several groups of millennials and I’ve started a millennial business group. We’re meeting twice a month. In our second get-together I gave them a questionnaire and also sent the questionnaire out to other millennial groups I’ve been talking with. Here are some key points that surprised me about what millennials want.

They want great technology-You would think that millennials are impressed with new technology like the boomers were. Actually they’re not really impressed with it, they expect it. They also expect that technology comes at a higher level backed with streamlined processes.

They want a consumer experience-You would think that millennials would prefer to shop online. Actually millennials are into the experience type of activity. They want a brick and mortar shopping environment that creates a great experience.

They want to involved I thought that millennials we’re more into themselves and not their surroundings. Actually they are more environmentally aware and pro-community than their predecessors.

They want a home – Someday anyway. Most say they want a home in the future but are held back by several things. For the most part, starting a family is not a pressing matter. It seems the ability to pick up and move quickly is very important. Lastly, debt mostly student loans is a factor.

They want to be healthyThey are more heath conscious and want more healthy choices. They are into exercising and are more anti-booze and cigarettes than pre-generations.

So why is this important? Well if you’re involved in any kind of business that deals with a consumer or you employ anyone who deals with consumers, it’s real important. If you’re trying to attract talent that can communicate with our largest population, it’s important.

I saw a report that it is estimated that 22.4% of the population, in my county will be retirees from the DC area in 2040. So how will the millennials effect that? In 25 years some millennials will be approaching retirement. That’s need to know info.

If I’m looking to grow my business and maybe leverage with other businesses inside my community, these are things I should be looking at.

Generational characteristics and attributes are important to understand. With millennials now being the largest population, we need to focus in on their needs. Now I’ve already gotten some push back from some on this subject. “Focusing on the millennial needs is not that important”. All I can say to that is, “Really?” Well the good news is that the millennial will find the product, brand, company and employer who will focus on their needs if you won’t. Blog you soon.

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