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LAUNCH Module Descriptions

Session 1 – Your New Business

Getting any business started requires vision, a plan and the right focus. In today’s session you will review the 4 Foundational Models that every great real estate practitioner should establish right from the start and where your daily focus should be to get into production fast.


Session 2 – Business Planning Basics

This class is based upon the 2day MREA Business Planning Clinic and has been designed specifically for new and emerging agents.

By the end of this session, participants will develop their annual goals for key business & personal goal categories. If you have closed less than 16 transactions during the last 12 months, this session has been designed with you in mind. So, take the step today for an awesome future tomorrow!


Session 3 – Understanding Agency


Participants will understand how Agency Relationships are formed and what events/interactions/conversations will trigger the need to DISCLOSE your Agency Relationship to the public and customers. Effective use of the various Agency Disclosure forms and their use when crafting an offer will be discussed in detail.


Session 4 – Lead Generation Basics

Lead Generation is the fuel that drives every business.  In this session, participants will overview:

The Four Laws of Lead Generation. How to Build a Database to Reach Your Goals. Because Consistent Communication is Key, we will overview 3 communication strategies known as the 8×8,

33 Touch, and 12 Direct.


Session 5 – Strengthen Your Business Core

Participants will build on the Lead Generation Basics to uncover the fastest ways to get into production through strategies that include:

  • Building Your Database through Core Advocate
  • Building Your Database Through Motivated Haven’t Mets
  • Open House Mets Can Drive Production
  • Pick ONE Additional Source for PROSPECTING Haven’t Mets (page 138 MREA)
    • Demographic Spheres
    • Door Knocking
    • FSBO’s
    • Coordination of Community Events, Teaching & Speaking Opportunities


Session 6 – The Buyer Consultation

A well done Buyer Consultation will provide fantastic returns to those who choose to master these skills.  In this session, participants will practice the art of asking great questions to better understand the customers’ needs and bring them to a logical conclusion that they must work with you!  But you still need to ask for the business & get the Agency Agreement signed. We will show you the way!


Session 7 – Open House Basics

In this session, participants will step through the Selection of the Property, Preparation Steps, Promotion Techniques to Drive Traffic, Hosting an Effective Open House and the all important

Follow-Up Techniques to Close for Appointments.


Session 8 – CMA Basics

Participants will overview the basics steps involved to research and develop a Comparative Market Analysis for presentation to their Sellers (PRICE IT RIGHT) and to their Buyers (DON’T OVER PAY)


Session 9 – LAUNCH – ABC’s of Listing – Part 1

The keys to a GREAT Listing Presentation is a simple as A-B-C:

  • A -Agreement on Price
  • B – Build Value
  • C- CLOSE!

This 2 day seminar will give you all the tools you need to walk in to a listing appointment with your A game- and walk out with a signed listing agreement in hand.  Participation in both days is required.  Day 2 is just a week away. $20 material fee


Session 10 – New Construction Representation

Participates will come away with a better understanding of:

  • Your Role with Your Client & the Builder
  • Your Value Proposition
  • Construction Terminology
  • Contract Issues
  • Color Selection vs Structural Options
  • Negotiation
  • Inspections
  • Steps to a Smooth Settlement
  • Opportunities for Referrals


Session 11 – Time Blocking

As a new and stand-alone agent, the key to achievement is to do the right things at the right time.  Participants will review the key components to organizing their day in blocks of productive time including:

  • Time Blocking Your “Big Rocks”
  • Working “IN” Your Business – The 20%
    • Lead Generation
    • Appointment Blocks
    • Previewing
  • Working “ON” Your Business – The 80%
    • Business Planning
    • Back Room Processes
    • Training
  • If You Erase / You Must Replace


Session 12 – ABC’s of Listing Day 2

This is where practice makes perfect.  Participants will need to bring their personally crafted Listing Presentation to this class as the instructor steps you through the scripts & dialogs you will use to develop a winning presentation every time!

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