I’m frustrated because I can’t seem to find training for my experience level with my current company. Do you have training for everyone?

Answer:      We have 3 levels of training as well as several opportunities for both individual and/or group coaching. A new agents starts in the launch phase of our training and mentoring program. Once the agent has closed 3 transactions and has completed the required start up, tech, administration and contract mastery classes they move to the growth phase. The growth phase focuses on more advanced skill sets like “Buyer and Seller Mastery”. The agent stays in the growth phase of training until their 11th transaction then they move into the achievement phase. The achievement phase is designed to start the mindset and development of team building skills with classes like “Recruit Select” “Train the Presenter” and our “Advanced Business Planning Clinic”. These classes are based off of the proven systems and models described in the book the Millionaire Real-estate Agent by Gary Keller. Agents, at this level, start leveraging team concepts to expand their business. Once an agent, or team, achieves 36 closings per year or more they may be invited to attend mastery which is mastermind sessions with our top agents and teams. Along with all of this, an agent may choose to take advantage of Keller Williams award winning MAPS Coaching (MEGA ACHIEVEMENT PRODUCTIVITY SYSTEMS) either in one on one or group formats.


I’ve read, on line and in several business articles, about some type of data base system called eEdge that has won awards for contact management. Can you tell me about that?

Answer:      Exclusively built for Keller Williams Realty associates, eEdge is the real estate industry’s first and only complete lead-to-close agent business solution – including lead management, contact management, a marketing library and a paperless transaction system. All of your contacts and data feed straight through the system – no double entry, no multiple log-ons. No more hunting for passwords on post-its and logging onto seven different systems a day to run your business.


I know I need to work on growing my team so I have more time, however, I have a tremendous amount of business in the pipeline right now. Moving seems like a daunting and intimidating task. If I were to move how could you help?

Answer:     We know how taxing a move can be. Because of our tremendous growth over the years, we have developed a transition plan for single agents up to mega teams. Whatever your needs are  we have a transition team in place to make sure your business doesn’t skip a beat.


Does Keller Williams refer me leads for a percentage?

Answer:     No. We all know that consumer inquiries come from interest in product. The product or products in this case are homes. The research shows, overwhelmingly, that consumers list their homes with an agent they trust rather than a specific brand. So Keller Williams has adopted a “My Listing My Lead” philosophy. What this means is that the inquiries that come from a real estate listing are forwarded directly to the agent or team that listed that property. Where other brands may sell that lead back to other agents, in the form of a referral fee, Keller Williams believes that the lead should go to the listing agent free of charge. The lead is forwarded through what is called a consumer inquiry. That lead is the property of the listing agent.


So you’re a “Team leader”- Typically I don’t have a lot of contact with my current manager. How will you make time for me and work your own business too?

Answer:     A Keller Williams “Team Leader” is a CEO so to speak. Their responsibilities include but are not limited to;

Supervising the day to day operations of the Market Center (Office).

Supervising and maintaining the training schedule

Seeking out, recognizing and recruiting great talent

Coaching and consulting

The Team leader is a non-compete salaried officer within the company. This way you are assured, as an agent, that your professional growth is the Team Leader’s top priority.Keller Williams

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